Upcoming Seminars

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Past Seminars

Miguel Cândido
Master's Defense

Earth Sciences, Ocean Mapping

Sep. 16, 2022
Elizabeth Weidner
Doctoral Dissertation Defense


Sep. 15, 2022
Brian Miles, Ph.D.
Senior Research Project Engineer


Sep. 9, 2022


Sep. 2, 2022
Juliane Affonso
Master's Defense

Earth Sciences/Ocean Mapping

Aug. 25, 2022
Katrina Wyllie and Glen Rice

National Bathymetric Source Project
NOAA Office of Coast Survey 

Jun. 24, 2022
Alexandra Padilla
Doctoral Dissertation Defense

Ocean Engineering

May. 27, 2022
Aditi Tripathy
Master's Defense

Ocean Engineering

May. 12, 2022
Dr. Kelly Benoit-Bird
Senior Scientist & Research Chair


May. 6, 2022
Dr. Theresa Oehmke
Postdoctoral Scholar

UNH Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Apr. 29, 2022