Upcoming Seminars

There are no upcoming Seminars at this point in time. Please check back soon!

Past Seminars

Hanumant Singh

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University

Sep. 22, 2023
Jeffrey Herrmann
St. Abbo of Fleury Chair

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Catholic University of America

Sep. 15, 2023
Kelli Moran, Ph.D.
Geological Oceanographer

Louisiana State University

Sep. 8, 2023
Martin Wosnik, John Ahern, and Ocean Engineering Faculty

UNH Department of Ocean Engineering

Sep. 1, 2023
João Celso Silva de Deus
Master's Defense

Ocean Engineering/Ocean Mapping

Aug. 28, 2023
Massimo Di Stefano
Doctoral Dissertation Defense


Jul. 28, 2023
LTJG Drew Stephens
Benthic Mapping Specialist

Groundfish Assessment Program
Alaska Fisheries Science Center

May. 5, 2023
Kaelin Chancey and Liam Pillsbury

Ocean Renewable Power Company

Apr. 28, 2023
Ryan Beatley, Dillon Fournier, and Greg Mastin

Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Apr. 21, 2023