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The Shephard News Team
Aug. 14, 2018
A team of UNH research engineers is using the Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator, a C-Worker 4 autonomous surface vessel (ASV), to explore the use of autonomy for charting surveys in Arctic regions. The tests will enable the group to explore how autonomous technology can integrate with traditional survey methods. The team is collaborating with the NOAA Ship Fairweathr to collect data to contribute to the Point Hope survey project. This project will fulfill part of the US Arctic Nautical Charting Plan, conducting hydrographic surveys in areas that have never previously been surveyed.  
Aug. 6, 2018
CCOM affiliate professor Brad Barr weighs in on how to define, and therefore protect, areas of ocean wilderness.
Aug. 10, 2018
A team of engineers and students from the UNH Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping recently deployed a robotic vessel above the Arctic Circle.
UNH Today
Aug. 8, 2018
UNH engineers deploy first autonomous boat to map Arctic seafloor.
NOAA's Coast Survey Blog
Aug. 2, 2018
CCOM's BEN ASV team collaborated with NOAA Ship Fairweather in the first deployment of an ASV in the Arctic from a NOAA vessel.
Marine Technology News
Aug. 8, 2018
CCOM researchers, together with personnel from NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey, recently completed an Arctic voyage that deployed the BEN ASV from the NOAA Ship Fairweather.