Soundings Validation: Toolbox Research to Operations

TitleSoundings Validation: Toolbox Research to Operations
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsKastrisios, C, Calder, BR, Masetti, G, Martinez, B, Holmberg, P
Conference Name2020 Canadian Hydrographic Conference
Conference DatesFebruary 24-27
Conference LocationQuebec City, Quebec, Canada
Keywordsnautical surface test; triangle test; selected soundings; automated nautical cartography; charted soundings

Charted bathymetry encompasses the cartographer’s effort to accurately describe submarine topography based on the source information. A key factor in the selection process is that, at any location, the charted features do not give a false impression that the water depth is deeper than it actually is. Our research work focused on development of an automated solution for the identification of locations where this goal is violated. We present the research work from conceptualization to the development of an ArcGIS Toolbox named “Sounding Validation Toolbox” that consists of three automated tools, as well as the challenges and results in the process of making it operational with the Marine Chart Division of NOAA/Office of Coast Survey.

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