Graduate Certificate

The University of New Hampshire offers a Certificate in Ocean Mapping. This interdisciplinary degree program is provided through the Center and the respective academic departments of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

This program's goal is to provide advanced graduate training to working professionals in the area of Ocean Mapping. These professionals will come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from Earth Science and Geology, to Biology and Engineering. To meet the demands of this broad audience the certificate program has two components.

ESCI/OE 871   Geodesy and Positioning for Ocean Mapping
ESCI 872   Applied Tools for Ocean Mapping
MATH 896   Topics in Mathematics and Statistics
ESCI/OE 874   Integrated Seabed Mapping Systems
ESCI/OE 875   Advanced Topics in Ocean Mapping
ESCI 972   Hydrographic Field Course
OE 677   Seamanship and Marine Weather for Ocean Engineers and Scientists
ESCI 896   Hydrographic Field CourseTopics (for the optional Remote Sensing specialty)