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OE Digital
Jul. 23, 2014
The Center is a co-sponsor of the AUV Hydrographic Bootcamp which will take place 3-8 August 2014 at the UNH's Judd Gregg Marine Science Complex in New Castle, NH. The workshop will focus on developing new methods of AUV operations, data collection, processing, and display.
Jun. 19, 2014
URI graduate assistant Sarah Fuller has written an article for Oceanbites about CCOM's efforts to quantify methane bubbles in the water column.
WCSH6 Portland
Jun. 18, 2014
Habitat Research Specialist Jenn Dijkstra talks about a particularly troubling interloper with the scientific name Tunicates and the seemingly harmless nickname Sea Squirts.
Jun. 4, 2014
Warner Brothers has licensed a CCOM image of the Mariana Trench for the movie Godzilla.
Foster's Daily Democrat
Jun. 3, 2014
An image of the Mariana Trench that Jim Gardner generated from data collected during a 2010 research cruise appears in the summer blockbuster Godzilla.
Dredging News Online
May. 19, 2014
Per an agreement between the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the State of New Hampshire, the Center, together with the NH Dept. of Environmental Services and the NH Geological Survey, will conduct research that will assist coastal communities in recovering from future devastating storms such as Hurricane Sandy.