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The Irish Times
Oct. 5, 2015
CCOM Director Larry Mayer weighs in on the debate concerning space exploration versus the exploration of Earth's oceans.
Foster's Daily Democrat
Oct. 2, 2015
Visitors to Ocean Discovery Day will learn how UNH researchers are discovering more about the ocean with technology.
Sep. 2, 2015
Using remotely operated vehicles and the most advanced mapping systems, scientists set out to this summer to explore some of the deepest and most remote stretches of the ocean off the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Sep. 3, 2015
While mapping uncharted waters near Hawaii, NOAA explorers captured incredible footage of deep sea creatures.
Huffington Post
Sep. 3, 2015
Using remotely operated vehicles launched from NOAA's 224-foot Okeanos Explorer ship, the operation crew is exploring the waters in and around the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. They're also investigating Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, as well as the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.
UNH Today
Aug. 26, 2015
UNH researcher Kevin Jerram shares scenery and science from a Greenland glacier.