UNH Ocean Seminar

Offshore Aquaculture Engineering: Net Pen and Mooring Design

Corey Sullivan
Ocean Engineer

Innovasea Systems 

Friday, Oct. 7, 2022, 3:10pm
Chase 105

When people hear “aquaculture” many do not immediately think “offshore technology.” However there is a robust global industry of sustainable offshore aquaculture that tackles design challenges in some of the most potentially unhospitable environments offshore. This presentation will provide a background on the different disciplines within the offshore aquaculture field and dive into the design process for offshore net pens and mooring systems.


Corey Sullivan is an Ocean Engineer that presently works at Innovasea Systems out of their Boston Office. Corey’s background in Ocean Engineering started at UNH where he researched wave energy, ocean structure design and small-scale net pen design as a graduate student and then a research engineer. He remains in close contact with his UNH peers collaborating on various aquaculture engineering ventures.