Status of S-126 Product Specification for Physical Environment

TitleStatus of S-126 Product Specification for Physical Environment
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsdenToom, W, Sullivan, BM
Number of Pages1
Date PublishedNovember 22
Organization NameInternational Hydrographic Organization
KeywordsCoast Pilot, S-126 Physical Environment

At NIPWG2 the S-126 Test Data Set was considered complete. The Netherlands agreed to start with the initial mapping of the S-126 Physical Environment Test Data Set with pre-existing objects and attributes. In 2006 SNPWG began the initial work on the objects and attributes for the physical environment data model. It was decided at that time that a simple generic model would suffice. Technology and expectations have changed greatly over the past decade which makes this the perfect time to move forward with an eye to the future and the overall goal of the S-100 data products…”to provide the data framework for the development of the next generation of ENC products, as well as other related digital products required by the hydrographic, maritime and GIS communities.”