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Conference Abstract
G. Seroka, Nagel, E., Greenlaw, J., Kelley, J. G., Weston, N., Myers, E., Pe'eri, S., and Powell, J., Challenges in Generating S-104/HDF5 Files of Water Level Forecast Guidance from NOAA/NOS’s Operational Ocean Forecast Systems (OFS), 101th AMS Annual Meeting. 2021.
S. Moghimi, Myers, E., Funakoshi, Y., Calzada, J., Seroka, G., Burnett, Z., Velissariou, P., Britzolakis, G., Burke, P., Snowden, D., Weston, N., and Pe'eri, S., Coastal Ocean Modelling Infrastructure Development at the National Ocean Service in Support of Disaster Mitigation and Marine Navigation, 2020 Fall Meeting American Geological Union. 2020.
G. Seroka, Greenlaw, J., Hess, K., Kelley, J. G., Nagel, E., Powell, J., and Weston, N., Encoding Hydrodynamic Model Guidance from NOAA's Operational Forecast Systems in S-111 and S-104 International Standards to Support Precision Navigation, 100th AMS Annual Meeting. p. Boston, MA, 2020.
G. Seroka, Nagel, E., Hess, K., Weston, N., Greenlaw, J., Philips, J., Myers, E., and Powell, J., The Important Role of International Standards in Transforming Maritime Data into Usable Information for E-Navigation: Methods and Application, 2018 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union (AGU). p. Washington, DC, 2018.
N. Weston, Seroka, G., Nagel, E., Greenlaw, J., and Powell, J., Modeling Oceanographic Data for Precision Navigation Applications, EGU General Assembly, Nearshore Processes: Fluid Motions and Sediment Transport. p. Vienna, Austria, 2019.
J. G. Kelley, Nagel, E., Greenlaw, J., Gibbons, A. M., Seroka, G., Weston, N., Powell, J., and Myers, E., Modernizing Marine Navigation using S-111 Surface Current Forecast Guidance Derived from NOS Operational Oceanographic Forecast Systems, 2020 Fall Meeting American Geological Union. 2020.
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