Yukon River Prototype Electronic Charts Using Satellite Derived Bathymetry

TitleYukon River Prototype Electronic Charts Using Satellite Derived Bathymetry
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsKampia, A, Klemm, A, Pe'eri, S, Barber, JE, Merke, D, Athens, E
Conference Name2016 Canadian Hydrographic Conference
Conference DatesMay 16 - 19
Keywordssatellite derived bathymetry, sdb, yukon river

The Yukon River in Alaska was not adequately charted for the local barge industry to supply goods and services to Western Alaska without navigating on unauthoritative data. The large extent of the navigable Yukon, resources, funding, platform availability, remoteness and windows of opportunity to survey were prohibitive obstacles in securing the data and compiling it to a traditional chart product. Additionally, the temporal value of traditional surveying and charting methods along a river with a potential high

changeability after every winter’s thaw was unknown. NOAA needed to find a charting solution that overcame these problems and could be maintained efficiently. Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) provided a solution.


In November 2015, NOAA created provisional ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts) using SDB shallow areas and shoreline. The techniques are automated and repeatable after every winter’s thaw. This solution is unprecedented for NOAA charting products. This paper will present the end-to-end process, challenges, and future plans for construction and maintenance of the Yukon River ENCs.