Towards Automated Validation of Charted Soundings: Existing Tests and Limitations

TitleTowards Automated Validation of Charted Soundings: Existing Tests and Limitations
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsKastrisios, C, Calder, BR, Masetti, G, Holmberg, P
JournalGeo-spatial Information Science
Date PublishedJune 3
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Keywordsautomated nautical cartography, category zone of confidence, chart discrepancies, chart safety constraint, nautical chart generalization, nautical surface test, selected soundings, sounding generalization, Sounding Selection

The nautical chart is one of the fundamental tools in navigation used by mariners to plan and safely execute voyages. Its compilation follows strict cartographic constraints with the most prominent being that of the safety. Thereby, the cartographer is called to make the selection of the bathymetric information for portrayal on charts in a way that, at any location, the expected water depth is not deeper than the source information. To validate the shoal-biased pattern of selection two standard tests are used, i.e. the triangle and edge tests. To date, some efforts have been made towards the automation of the triangle test, but the edge test has been largely ignored. In the context of research on a fully automated solution for the compilation of charts at different scales from the source information, this paper presents an algorithmic implementation of the two tests for the validation of selected soundings. Through a case study with real-world data, it presents the improved performance of the implementation near and within depth curves and coastlines and points out the importance of the edge test in the validation process. It also presents the, by definition, intrinsic limitation of the two tests as part of a fully automated solution and discusses the need for a new test that will complement or supersede the existing ones.

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