Satellite-derived bathymetry of the Achziv coastal area, northern Israel

TitleSatellite-derived bathymetry of the Achziv coastal area, northern Israel
Publication TypePoster - Conference
AuthorsPe'eri, S, Tibor, G, Madore, B, Ketter, T
Conference NameThe 10th Annual Meeting of the Israeli Association for Aquatic Sciences
Conference DatesMar 13 - Mar 14

Satellite-derived bathymetry provides a useful reconnaissance tool for hydrographic surveying offices in planning and implementing a prioritized survey program. Specific uses of the satellite-derived bathymetry include characterization of coastal areas and monitoring seafloor changes that have occurred since the last hydrographic survey. To be useful for hydrographic surveying offices in developing nations, the procedures must be based on readily-available data and software. In keeping with standard hydrographic surveying practice, the derived bathymetry must also be accompanied by uncertainty estimates. Recently a procedure was developed for the use of publicly-available, multispectral satellite imagery to map and portray shallow-water bathymetry in a GIS environment. Landsat imagery and published algorithms were used to derive estimates of the bathymetry in shallow waters. The most appropriate algorithm to derive bathymetry was determined in the study based on performance using different band combinations and spatial filters. This procedure was also applied over the coastal area of Achziv. The bathymetry will provide the first layer for the development of a coastal characterization procedure of the local benthic habitat. This study presents preliminary results of the satellite-derived bathymetry and a comparison with acoustic (multibeam echosounder) dataset.