A ROS-Enabled Floating Hackathon: Coordinating Multiple Marine Robots

TitleA ROS-Enabled Floating Hackathon: Coordinating Multiple Marine Robots
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsArsenault, R, Lindzey, L
Conference NameROSCon 2022
Conference LocationKyoto, Japan
Conference DatesOctober 19-21
KeywordsROS marine robotics

The 2022 NOAA Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute cruise featured 3 different marine robots from 3 different institutions operating in parallel from the Exploration Vessel Nautilus. Our goal was to demonstrate technologies that will increase the amount of scientific data collected per unit of (expensive!) ship time. We highlight 3 missions that demonstrated robot/robot and robot/human collaboration, as well as some of the factors that make marine robotics challenging. This talk focuses on two of these robots that run ROS and discusses how ROS enabled faster development and simplified collaboration between institutions.