NIPWG7-48.2_Creation and storage of S-127 (Marine Traffic Management) for US Waters

TitleNIPWG7-48.2_Creation and storage of S-127 (Marine Traffic Management) for US Waters
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsSullivan, BM
Department NameNIPWG
Number of Pages4
Date PublishedNovember 15
Organization NameInternational Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
LocationTallinn, Estonia
KeywordsIHO, Marine Traffic Management, NIPWG, S-127

The development of the S-127 (Marine Traffic Management) S-100 compliant product specification was initiated by HSSC5/5 in 2013. Based on HSSC Action item 9/25, IHO Program of Work 2017 as approved by IHO Member States and Task 2.6.2 (Ref: IHO CL 65/2016 dated 9 December 2016), the development of the S-127 Product Specification was contracted out to Portolan Sciences LLC. Version 1.0.0 of the product specification was delivered as scheduled by the end of November 2018 (Work Plan section F, HSSC 10 Action item 10/37). In Dec 2018 all files were uploaded ready for download and testing by the NIPWG. It is expected that the S-127 Ed. 2.0.0 would be submitted to IHO MS approval in 2021 at the earliest. Starting in 2019 UNH began the process to create data for the Pilot Services portion of the S-127 from the Coast Pilot.

The release of the first version of the S-127 allowed UNH to use a pre-existing approved data model to test their concept of nautical textual feature-centric data storage and confirm the results as a GML-based NIPWG product. This exercise was done in the hopes others would also be able to model their own data storage systems in a similar fashion allowing them to begin the transition to storing their data in a more versatile and vector-based way, as were the requests from the stakeholders forum at NIPWG6 in Germany, 2019.