Maritime Zones and Boundaries Delimitation Analysis and Implementation in Digital Environment

TitleMaritime Zones and Boundaries Delimitation Analysis and Implementation in Digital Environment
Publication TypeThesis
AuthorsKastrisios, C
Degree and ProgramDoctor of Philosophy, Cartography
Number of Pages248
Date Published06/2017
UniversityNational Technical University of Athens
LocationZografou, Greece
KeywordsAnalytical cartography, Computational cartography, Computer cartography, Map projections, Maritime delimitation

The aim of this doctoral dissertation was to investigate and resolve cartographical issues in maritime delimitation, to determine the limitations of existing software solutions and to develop and implement a comprehensive methodology to address them in a digital environment. Its findings comprise three automated methodologies -and their implementation in digital environment- namely that of the identification and determination of juridical bays according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, that for the Voronoi Tessellation on the ellipsoidal Earth and that for the automated delimitation of maritime zones and boundaries for all coastal states in the dataset and for any combination of normal and straight baselines, as well as the selection of the most appropriate cartographic projection for the presentation of maritime zones and boundaries. The findings of this dissertation contribute to cartographers’ work and substantially improve the accuracy and reliability of the end-results as they examine all available spatial information and are independent of user’s perception. Furthermore, they significantly reduce the time of maritime delimitation as they comprise fully automated processes with no need for supervised intervention and, finally, contribute to the correct cartographic portrayal of maritime zones and boundaries.