Improving Multibeam Data Quality Across the U.S. Academic Research Fleet

TitleImproving Multibeam Data Quality Across the U.S. Academic Research Fleet
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsJohnson, P, Beaudoin, J, Ferrini, VL
Conference Name2012 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Conference DatesDec. 3-7.2012


The Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) is an NSF funded project with the goal of improving the quality of multibeam across the U.S. academic research fleet. There are many facets to the Committee’s plan to reach this goal, one of which is to have a team of multibeam specialists visiting vessels in the fleet. During their ship visits, the MAC’s Quality Assurance Team (QAT) deploys software tools, disseminates “best practice” documentation, assesses the state of the system as a whole and does everything they can to help ship operators better understand and operate their multibeam systems. A big part of these ship visits is simply outreach: we want to let the operators know that they have access to help if they need it.
In addition to developing working relationships with the operating institutions, the MAC seeks to reach out to the end user: the scientific community that uses these facilities to further their research. By presenting the MAC and QAT concepts to the community, we hope to raise awareness of our efforts, introduce the software tools and best-practice documentation that we are deploying and also solicit feedback on what future directions the MAC should focus.