Finding Fliers: New Techniques and Metrics

TitleFinding Fliers: New Techniques and Metrics
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsWilson, MJ, Masetti, G, Calder, BR
Conference Name2017 U.S. Hydrographic Conference
Conference DatesMarch 20-23
PublisherThe Hydrographic Society of America
Conference LocationGalveston, TX
Keywordsbathymetry, fliers, metrics, qc, survey

Fliers in bathymetric grid products evidence an inaccurate portrayal of the seafloor, and must be remediated before final product creation. Traditional methods to ensure flier detection and removal are apparently not sufficient since nearly 25% of surveys received at NOAA in 2015 had final grid deliverables affected by fliers. These grids not only require time and effort to resolve, but also compromise the lineage of the original field submission. This work describes new automated techniques for flier identification and compares their effectiveness to traditional, manual methods of flier detection. The benefits of automatic identification being statistically significant, integration of the flier identification techniques could be in the gridding algorithm is suggested as a means to reduce the rate of fliers delivered on the created surfaces.

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