EMODNET Bathymetry Services and Free and Open-Source Software in Support of Hydrographic Survey Procedures

TitleEMODNET Bathymetry Services and Free and Open-Source Software in Support of Hydrographic Survey Procedures
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsRos, JMCordero, Kastrisios, C
Conference NameEMODnet Open Conference
Conference LocationOnline
Conference DatesJune 14-18
KeywordsEMODNet, FOSSOM, hydrography, Hydrospatial, multibeam echosounder, seabed 2030

Bathymetric data collection in hydrographic and marine geophysical surveys is mostly achieved by utilizing vessel-mounted multibeam echo sounders (MBES), resulting in Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) of the seafloor and derived products. Previous knowledge of the seafloor depth and existing features is essential for surveyors to effectively design a survey, estimate mapping efforts, compensate for data gaps, and evaluate and visualize results. The scientific community has put in a great effort to develop and make publicly available bathymetric models of the seafloor, such as that by EMODNET and GEBCO, and customized tools for fulfilling application specific requirements. These data and software resources have the potential to improve the workflow from survey planning to data visualization. This poster demonstrates the use of the EMODNET harmonized Bathymetric DTM for the European sea regions and Free and Open-Source Software for Ocean Mapping (FOSSOM), with the aim to improve hydrographic procedures. Particularly, with a recently conducted deep-water mapping survey in European waters, it illustrates that the use of FOSSOM, such as QGIS, GLOBE, Kluster, PyGMT, and Rayshader, can complement commercial software in the hydrographic workflow, as they provide features not available with the latter. These additional capabilities of FOSSOM can reduce processing time and overall production costs, thus enhancing the overall planning-to-product process.