AR-ChUM: Augmented Reality Chart Update Mashup

TitleAR-ChUM: Augmented Reality Chart Update Mashup
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsKokoszka, T, Pham, H, Sullivan, BM, Butkiewicz, T
Conference NameOceans
Conference DatesOct 22-25
PublisherIEEE Oceanic Engineering Society
Conference LocationCharleston, SC
Keywordsaugmented reality, chart updates, Notice to Mariners

Many mariners, especially recreational boaters, still utilize paper nautical charts for navigation. Unlike electronic charts, regularly updating these paper  charts with new information can be a tedious task. Changes to paper charts are published in a textual format, which mariners must then use to manually locate on their physical chart by using a compass, pencil, and ruler to carefully place the update in the proper position on the chart. This project  investigates the potential for using augmented reality (AR) to simplify and expedite the updating process. AR is a technology that superimposes digital information directly on top of a user’s real world view. This project uses off-the-shelf, self-contained AR glasses (Microsoft HoloLens) to allow mariners to look at their paper nautical charts and see all modifications that need to be rectified and their respective locations on the paper chart. Advances in both AR and smart-phone  technologies imply that this application could be implemented as a mobile app in the near future, which would make it easily accessible to average mariners.

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