GeoSwath Docs

Click the links below for a drawing of the AUV module, the data format specification for the Geoacoustics Geoswath, and a data example. Additional data can be made available on request.

Gavia Ducer Offsets (jpg) - a drawing of the AUV module

GeoSwath ROV-AUV (pdf)

GeoSwath Plus Raw Data File Format & Broadcast Raw Data File
Format & Command Specification 0 90GS+ -6063/BB

Data Example (rdf)

A few notes about the Geoswath and the "RDF" data format for files generated from the Gavia AUV:

  1. The AUX1 channel contains the AUVs pressure sensor depth measurement. Currently the "heave" field is set to zero. (This may change and one should allow a user to select either field.)
  2. The ECHO1 channel contains the AUVs DVL derived altitude measurement.
  3. The system pings alternating sides, and therefore each side effectively operates as an independent sonar. This requires separate sets of lever-arms and biases for each.
  4. The module may be installed in several locations wrt the navigation center of the AUV (the INS module), therefore one cannot hard-code a configuration.