2014-2015 GEBCO Scholars


Amon Kimeli


Amon has worked for Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) since 2010 as a Marine Geologist. He actively participated in the development of the African Marine Atlas and was jointly the data manager for the Kenyan chapter. He is also an active member of the Kenya National Hydrographic and Oceanographic Committee (KNHOC).

He has a Bachelor of Science degree (Geology Major) and earned his master’s degree in science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in 2013.


Hirokazu Kurita


Hirokazu Kurita is from Japan and he has been affiliated with the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department of Japan for about 14 years. Hirokazu graduated from the Tokai University in 2000 and with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. He then joined the Japan Coast Guard Academy. Hirokazu has a “Hydro program Cat B” of the IBSC.

Hirokazu took part in the Officer Candidate Course in 2007 for a “Hydro program Cat A” of the IBSC. He has been involved in continental shelf survey, hydrographic survey to produce navigational charts, and recently studying the operation of the AUV's survey.


Indra Prasetyawan



Indra Budi Prasetyawan received his bachelor degree in Oceanography from Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung Institute of Technology), Indonesia in 2003. He completed his master’s degree in the same institution, Institut Teknologi Bandung in Ocean Engineering in 2009. In 2015, he completed his postgraduate certificate in Ocean Mapping at the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center (CCOM/JHC), University of New Hampshire (UNH), United States, as a Year 11 General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO)/Nippon Foundation scholar.

Indra currently works as a Lecturer in the Oceanography program at Universitas Diponegoro (Diponegoro University) in Semarang, Indonesia. Since beginning as a lecturer in 2004, he has taught a wide range of oceanography courses. As a part of some courses, he also leads field studies in which students can practice methods used to collect oceanographic data. In addition to giving lectures, he also conducts research of Indonesian waters through his involvement in various research projects as a physical oceanographer. While his concentration had previously been on ocean modeling, his studies for the postgraduate certificate in Ocean Mapping at CCOM/JHC, UNH introduced him to the field of ocean mapping, in which he would like to continue.

Indra is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Oceanography at UNH as an advisee of Professor John Hughes Clarke. He is interested in multibeam water column imaging as applied in physical oceanography, specifically in investigating the generation and evolution of internal waves and their contribution to vertical mixing.


Jaya Roperez



Lt(jg) Jaya A Roperez is part of the commissioned service of the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) in the Philippines. She graduated and had her professional license as a civil engineer last 2008 and started working as hydrographer for the Hydrography Branch of NAMRIA in early 2009. She finished Geomatics course in the TCAGP-Department of Geodetic Engineering - University of the Philippines in 2010.


Nilupa Samarakoon

Sri Lanka

Nilupa Samarakoon is presently working as a Hydrographic Surveyor in the National Hydrographic Office/NARA of Sri Lanka. She earned a B.Sc. Degree in Geomatics from the University of Sabaragamuwa and an  M.Sc. in Remote Sensing and GIS from the University of Peradeniya. Nilupa enjoys travelling and gardening.


Maxlimer Vallee



Maxlimer C. Vallee Anziani, known simply as Max to her friends, was a geologist with a master's degree in Marine Geosciences from Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany. She worked as a professional researcher at the Venezuelan Foundation for Seismological Research (FUNVISIS).

Max first came to CCOM in 2014 from Venezuela as a GEBCO student. She completed her Graduate Certificate program in Ocean Engineering in 2015 and remained at CCOM to work with Dr. Larry Ward as a Research Assistant.

Max passed away on January 24, 2017 following an automotive accident in Canada, where she was living at the time. She is survived by her husband, Andrei Ichaso, and her family.