Current Scholars


Muadh Al-Harrasi


Muadh ALHarrasi is from Oman where he works with the Oman National Hydrographic Office as a hydrographic surveyor. Muadh earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas from Sultan Qaboos University. Since he joined the Navy, he has worked as a maritime safety information officer and a survey assistant in various projects. He also worked as a cartographer producing various types of nautical products, such as paper and electronic charts. Currently, he is a scholar in the GEBCO Training Program at CCOM where he plans to improve his skills in mapping the ocean and processing hydrographic data. He is also interested in gaining experience in dealing with tide data analysis and prediction and is keen to learn new technologies that are used to gather data from the oceans.     

Fahima Bellabad


Fahima Bellabad Fahima Bellabad hails from Algeria and boasts a strong educational background in marine science engineering, with a specialization in Coastal Protection and Management. She obtained both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the National Higher School of Sea Science and Coastal Management. Presently, Fahima is dedicated to her Ph.D. studies, which revolve around climatology, risks, and the environment. Her research is centered on the dynamics of sea surface temperature (SST) in the Mediterranean Sea. To conduct her research effectively, she employs remote sensing data and Geographic Information System (GIS) tools, enabling her to analyze and map the spatial and temporal patterns of SST across regional and global scales within the Mediterranean Sea. Fahima is also a GEBCO scholar (2023/2024), which has afforded her the opportunity to pursue a Postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Bathymetry at UNH. This program equips her with valuable skills in data processing and visualization, greatly enhancing her career prospects in the field of marine science and oceanography. 


Ahmed Borgini


Ahmed Borgini was born and raised in Monastir, Tunisia. He joined the Tunisian Navy right after graduating high school. He attended the United States Naval Academy as an international student where he earned his bachelor’s degree in ocean engineering. He came back to Tunisia where he completed his officer of the deck courses in the Tunisian Naval Applications and Specialties School. During his first three years as a navy officer, he has been the head assistant of human resources department in the Tunisian naval academy, Head of Telecommunications, Detection and the Navigation departments aboard two war ships. Ahmed also was part of many international trainings and exercises like Pheonix express and African lion and 5plus5 Sea boarder. He is currently a GEBCO scholar and seeks to explore the world of ocean mapping whether by enhancing his skills in coding, data analysis, teamwork and mapping at sea.


Ximena Boza Noriega 


Ximena Boza Noriega was born and raised in Panama City, Panama. She did her B.Sc. in Marine Biology in College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA and a earned a Chevening scholarship to do a M.Sc. in Oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre in the University of Southampton, UK. After her master's, she moved to a remote Caribbean island in the province of Bocas del Toro in Panama, to work as a research technician III for Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO) and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI). She is currently a GEBCO scholar and seeks to broaden her experience and skills in data collection and processing, coding, and mapping, as well expand her professional network for future potential collaborations. Her hobbies include exercise and water sports such as surfing and paddling, skiing, and traveling to new and exotic places.  


Matthew-Dane Henry 


Matthew-Dane Henry was born and raised in Portmore, Jamaica. He attained a B.Sc. in Surveying and GIS from the University of Technology, Jamaica. He currently works at the National Land Agency, Surveys and Mapping Division, in Jamaica, as an Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor in the Hydrographic Office. In his time at the Hydrographic Office, he has been a part of a handful multibeam surveys within the island's main ports and has developed an insatiable appetite for improving his knowledge base and skillset in relation to bathymetric work and its derivatives. He is currently a GEBCO Scholar pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Ocean Mapping. Upon completion, he desires to be an active part of the growing hydrographic community, making his contributions to the goals of Seabed 2030.


Alexandros Menegatos 


Alexandros Menegatos is from Kefalonia-Ithaca, Greece. He holds a bachelor's degree in Geology, specializing in Marine Geology, from the Department of Geology of the University of Patras. He also holds a master's degree in “Oceanography - Exploration, Assessment and Management of Marine Environment” from the School of Natural Sciences of the University of Patras. His thesis work focused on Marine Habitat mapping using remote sensing techniques with an emphasis on the usage of Side Scan Sonar and Single beam echosounder for identifying the marine habitat of Posidonia Oceanica. Prior to joining CCOM/JHC, he worked as a research associate at the Laboratory of Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography (Oceanus-Lab), within the Department of Geology of the University of Patras, participating in numerous research and commercial projects. These surveys include marine geophysical surveying and sampling for various fields: 1. Marine bio habitats, 2. Marine Geology 3. Geohazard mapping, (approximately over 90 days of offshore fieldwork). During these years he also attended special workshops in Marum - Germany, OGS - Italy, Taltech - Estonia and IOPAN - Poland, which motivated him to explore new areas relevant to his scientific interests. Alexandros is currently a GEBCO scholar, eager to expand his knowledge in the field of coastal and ocean mapping and to become part of the new generation of scientists in this field. Away from studying, you can find him hiking, swimming, playing rugby, and doing all sorts of extreme sports.


César Pulido Suaréz 


César Pulido Suaréz is from Colombia where he earned his undergraduate degree in civil engineering. In 2015, he joined the Colombian Navy as an officer and, for the past eight years of his naval career, has felt a new passion to get involved with ocean dynamics and the implications of all the earth process start to grow. His first approach was aboard ARC Malpelo, an oceanographic vessel of DIMAR—Dirección General Marítima de Colombia—where César, along with the crew, mapped most of the Caribbean maritime territory of Colombia. His latest position was at the Pacific Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center (CCCP), where he managed the research works for the generation of the surveys of the two main ports of Colombian pacific coast. As a GEBCO scholar, he hopes to increase his knowledge in ocean mapping, applying new technologies and methods according IHO, and to be part of a increasing community that understands and manages the knowledge of the seas.