“Zooming in Space and Time”

GeoZui4D stands for Geographic Zooming User Interface 4D. The 4D refers to the fact that it allows users to interactive with data that varies both in space and time.

GeoZui4D is a platform for developing innovative approaches to visualization time-varying geospatial data. Over the years it has been the platform for many threads of research. (Please click the images for larger views.)

Zooming in time as well as space
( Arsenault et al. 2004 )

The Chart of the Future
The Chart of the Future
(Plumlee et al.)

Mission Planner
Haptic Interaction
( Komerska and Ware, 2003 )

Studies of how best to link multiple views of the same data space
( Plumlee and Ware, 2003 )

And most recently, the real-time visualization of sonar data

In addition, GeoZui4D makes excellent HD videos.

GeoZui4D has been developed mostly by Roland Arsenault and Matt Plumlee, based on an original concept by Colin Ware.

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