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Instructor: Colin Ware
Classroom: J.E. Chase Ocean Engineering Lab, Room 130

This course is an introduction to computer graphics.


TextBook: Edward Angel, Interactive Computer Graphics, Fifth Edition. Addison Wesley.

Topics Covered

The graphics virtual machine

The graphical User Interface and basic 2D drawing using OpenGL

  • The graphics library utility toolkit (glut) and simple interactive programming
  • Drawing geometric shapes with difference colors and sizes.

Geometric Transformations

  • Matrix operations for rotations, translations and scales.
  • Composing geometric operations
  • Dot products and cross products.

Perspective Viewing

Lighting and Shading


Scene Graphs



The format will be 85% lectures and discussions, 15% student presentations.


There may be a course project. This will be determined by mid-semester.


  • Assignments: (5 or 6 programming, 1 presentation) 55%
  • Midterm exam 15%
  • Final exam. 30%


Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4
Assignment 5
Assignment 6: Topics and sources for 12 minute presentation

OpenGL Resources


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