2020 Seminars

Brian Calder, Larry Mayer, Elizabeth Weidner


Oct. 23, 2020
George Cutter

NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center 

Oct. 9, 2020
Ivan Bodra Guimaraes

M.S. Thesis Defense
Earth Sciences - Ocean Mapping

Oct. 8, 2020
Robert T. Letscher

UNH Dept. of Earth Sciences and Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory

Oct. 2, 2020
Archie T. Morrison III

Woods Hole Group, Inc.
A CLS Group Company

Sep. 25, 2020
Leonardo Gomes de Araujo

Thesis Defense
Master of Science
Earth Sciences - Ocean Mapping

Sep. 24, 2020
Hardy Hartwell

Raytheon Technologies

Sep. 18, 2020
Chase 130
Tracy Mandel

Ocean Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Sep. 11, 2020
Chase 130