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Delaware Online
Aug. 27, 2016
CCOM researchers participated UDel's Robot Boot Camp last week when dozens of researchers worked out best practices for a variety of autonomous vehicles as they mapped Delaware Bay off of Broadkill Beach.  
Aug. 8, 2016
Scientists working with Google to map ocean floor, want to avoid submarine crashes.
The Daily Telegraph Australia
Aug. 8, 2016
In June this year, 150 scientists, scholars and business associates from around the world attended the Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping in Monaco, endorsing a project dubbed “Sea floor 2030”.
New Delhi News
Aug. 7, 2016
Using sonar aboard ships, unmanned submarines and other vessels, ambitious researchers hope to build over the next 14 years a Google Maps-style guide to mountains, valleys and volcanoes deep underwater.
New York Post
Aug. 7, 2016
Scientists want to map the planet’s vast, unknown ocean floor.
Big News Network
Aug. 7, 2016
Scientists want to map the planet's vast, unknown ocean floor.