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NOAA's Coast Survey Blog
Mar. 6, 2015
The NOAA Association of Commissioned Officers has conferred the Science Award to recent graduate Lieutenant Commander Briana Welton for her thesis work, “A Field Method for Backscatter Calibration Applied to NOAA’s Reson 7125 Multibeam Echo-Sounder.”
QPS News
Feb. 12, 2015
QPS recently provided six days of  training to CCOM students and NOAA personnel..
HYPACK Sounding Better! Newsletter
Nov. 30, 2014
Huddl, a recent Center-born technology designed to ease the access to hydrographic data, has been cited for upcoming adoption by one of our industrial partners.
Marine Technology News
Nov. 12, 2014
Tom Weber, Yuri Rzhanov, and postdoc Angelia Vanderlaan will collaborate with Molly Lutcavage, director of the Large Pelagics Research Center at UMass, to design, conduct and analyze the first autonomous aerial vehicle surveys of Atlantic bluefin tuna to provide fishery-independent regional estimates of their numbers.
Oct. 3, 2014
Jim Gardner is quoted in this article about undiscovered seamounts.
Discover Magazine D-brief Blog
Sep. 23, 2014
An image generated with data collected by CCOM/JHC accompanies this article about the Okeanos Explorer's mission off the coast of New England in the Atlantic Ocean where they are gathering data about deep-sea canyons and mountain ranges.