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Roland Arsenault at the rail of the NB Palmer in Antarctica.Roland Arsenault was an M.Sc. student and part-time research assistant with Human Computer Interaction Lab of the Dept. of Computer Sciences at the University of New Brunswick before coming to UNH.

His expertise is in 3-D graphics, force-feedback and other input techniques and networking. He is currently working on the development of the GeoZui4D real-time environment, software to support AUV and fisheries applications, and the GeoCam.

You may contact Roland at


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Arsenault, R. 2001. Real time 3D display of hydrographic data for QA and QC. Proceedings of the 2001 U.S. Hydrographic Conference.

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Arsenault, R., Smith, S., Ware, C., Mayer, L. and Plumlee, M. 2003. Fusing Information in a 3D Chart-of-the-Future Display. (2003) U.S. Hydro 2003, CD-ROM Proceedings.

Arsenault, R., Ware, C., Plumlee, M., Martin, S., Whitcomb, L., Wiley, D., Gross, T., Bilgili, A. 2004. A System for Visualizing Time varying Oceanographic 3D Data. Proceedings of Oceans 2004.


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