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The GeoCoastPilot is a project that will turn the NOAA Coast Pilot™ into an interactive document linked to a 3D map environment. The GeoCoastPilot provides linkages between the written text, 2D and 3D views, web content, and other primary sources such as charts, maps, and related federal regulations.

The GeoCoastPilot has a number of innovative features:

  • It links NOAA Coast Pilot information (Chapter 9 of Book 1) with an interactive 3D map and S-57 information, including USCG light list information.

  • Wherever some shore feature is mentioned it is linked with a feature on the 3D map. Clicking on the text links center the 3D view on the corresponding feature. Where possible, there is a photo of that feature placed in the correct geographic location.

  • Links go both ways: when you click on a photo, buoy, or other navigation mark in the 3D view, you are taken to the first corresponding reference in the Coast Pilot text, and other references are highlighted. Additional information is listed to the side.

The first test site for this project is Portsmouth Harbor and the Piscataqua estuary including the entrance to Portsmouth harbor from near Kitts Rocks Lighted Buoy 2KR, up to the I-95 Bridge. This may be extended to Great Bay Marine as newer versions are released. The second edition focused on the Boston Harbor.


For further information, please contact Briana Sullivan (603.862.0288).


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