CS 770/870
Assignment 2. Create a animated mannequin in 3D

Purpose: learn some basic 3D graphics; understand, how to used scales, translations, and rotations; understand order effects; learn to work with the matrix stack.

Create a 2 m wide, 1.5 m high and 2 m deep viewing frustum.

In it place a mannequin with torso, head and two arms. This mannequin should have approximately the same dimensions as an actual human (use meters).

The head will be a sphere, the torso will be a scaled cube, the upper arms will be cylinders, the forearms will be cones, the hands will be scaled cubes.

This mannequin will have the following movement capabilities:

Torso: lean forward (+70, back -10), and rotate about the waist - +/- 30 deg.

Arm shoulder joint: 3 degrees of freedom.

Elbow joint: hinge: 1 degree of freedom

Hand: at wrist,rotated about the forearm axis + hinge : two degrees of freedom.

The amount of rotation for each joint must be constrained to roughly match human joint-angle constraints.

Angles can be controlled either by an automatic function based on sine(t/p) that will sent the mannequin in continuous motion (t is time, p is the period)

Or they can be controlled in the following way be key strokes in each case the lower and upper case letters are used to represent opposite rotations.


Marks will be given for

Due: 3 Oct by email (cware@ccom.unh.edu)