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Nilton Sánchez Espinoza

M.S. Student - Earth Sciences/Ocean Mapping
Office 220U

Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center
Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Lab
24 Colovos Road
Durham, New Hampshire 03824

603.862.0564 (tel)
603.862.0839 (fax)

Lieutenant Nilton Sánchez Espinoza is from the Ecuadorian NAVY. He graduated from the Ecuadorian Naval Academy in 2002. After serving on several Ecuadorian warships, he became a Hydrographer class "B" in the Oceanographic Institute in 2009. He was the commander of several hydrographic vessels between 2006 and 2012 and served as the Chief of the Marine Research Station in the Galapagos Islands before he attended the GEBCO Training course in 2013. In 2014, Nilton obtained a Category “A” in Hydrography and a Postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Bathymetry. In 2015, he was both the head of some hydrographic surveys along Carnegie Ridge for UNCLOS purposes, and a member of the JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE to upgrade the geographic coordinates of border milestones in the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border.

Nowadays, with his advisor Andy Armstrong, he is examining, for his master’s program, the possibility of extending the Ecuadorian Continental Shelf by processing the available bathymetric, geomorphological, and geophysical data.

His biggest passions are sailing, playing soccer and spending time with his wife Karen and daughter Romina.