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Mezgeb Mihtsentu

M.S. Student - Computer Science
Office S105B

Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center
Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Lab
24 Colovos Road
Durham, New Hampshire 03824

603.862.3438 (tel)
603.862.0839 (fax)

Mezgeb Mihtsentu is from Eritrea, it is a small country located at the horn of Africa. After completing her B.S. degree in Computer Science, she worked for some years in Eritrea. In 2012, she came to the United States to pursue a graduate degree at UNH. Currently, she is working on her thesis project under Prof. Colin Ware. Her research is about the optimal viewing of 3D and cross sectional flow of estuaries.

In her free time, Mezgeb likes traveling, reading, spending time with friends, and basking under the sun.