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Briana Sullivan

Research Scientist - Web Technologies and Mobile Environments
Office S103

Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center
Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Lab
24 Colovos Road
Durham, New Hampshire 03824

603.862.0288 (tel)
603.862.0839 (fax)

Briana Sullivan was hired in 2005 as a Research Scientist in the Visualization Lab. She works on the “Chart of the Future” related project with research focused on value added nautical charts, including Local Notice to Mariners, the Coast Pilot, and other marine related topics. Her platform of choice is the web with a focus on PHP, HTML5, SVG and webGL but she also programs in C/C++/openGL. She is also a member of the International hydrographic organization’s Tides, Water levels and Currents Working Group (TWCWG) and the Nautical Information Provision Working Group (NIPWG).

Briana received a B.S. in Computer Science from UMASS, Lowell and received a Master’s degree in Computer Science from UNH under the supervision of Colin Ware in 2004. Her Master’s thesis involved linking audio and visual information in a virtual underwater kiosk display that resulted in an interactive museum exhibit at the Seacoast Science Center.