Wilson, M., Masetti, G., & Calder, B. R.. (2016). NOAA QC Tools: Origin, Development, and Future. 2016 Canadian Hydrographic Conference. presented at the May 16 - 19, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Canadian Hydrographic Association.
PDF icon Wilson_Matt_NOAA_QC_Tools.pdf (1.4 MB)
Wilson, M., Beaudoin, J., & Smyth, S.. (2013). Water-Column Variability Assessment for Underway Profilers to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy of Multibeam Surveys. US Hydrographic Conference 2013. presented at the March 25-28, New Orleans, LA, USA: THSOA.
PDF icon 0326A_01_12.pdf (2.48 MB)
Wilson, M., Miller, J. J., Self Miller, V., Mortimer, K., & Wyllie, K.. (2011). Improved Raster Navigation Products From High Resolution Source Data. U.S. Hydrographic Conference (US HYDRO). presented at the Apr 25 - Apr 28, Tampa, FL, USA.
PDF icon Wilson_2011_USHYDRO_port_of_norfolk_project.pdf (7.43 MB)