Beaudoin, Jonathan. 2013. Oceanographic Weather Maps: Using Oceanographic Models To Improve Seabed Mapping Planning And Acquisition. Us Hydrographic Conference 2013. Us Hydrographic Conference 2013. New Orleans, LA, USA: THSOA.
PDF icon beaudoin_paper.pdf (3.31 MB)
Beduhn, Tami, and Semme J Dijkstra. 2011. On The Horizon: Better Bottom Detection For Areas Of Sub-Aquatic Vegetation. U.s. Hydrographic Conference (Us Hydro). U.s. Hydrographic Conference (Us Hydro). Tampa, FL, USA.
PDF icon Beduhn_Dijkstra_2011_on_the_horizon_better_bottom_detection.pdf (1.7 MB)