All extensions are relative to +1.603.862.xxxx.

Name Title Ext. Emailsort ascending Office
Zachary McAvoy Research Technician 3438 168
Will Fessenden Systems Administrator 4086 S203
Val Schmidt Research Project Engineer 2646 225
Victoria Price Research Scientist I 5247 S122B
Tara Hicks Johnson Outreach Specialist 1417 S110
Samuel Greenaway Hydrographer 1758 S220G
Roland Arsenault Information Technologist 3702 S108
Rochelle Wigley Project Director II 1135 147
Paul Lavoie Research Project Engineer 1979 109C
Paul Johnson Data Manager 3159 215
Mike Tuttle Research Project Support Engineer 3438 121EF
Megan Greenaway Physical Scientist 2712 S220C
Maureen Claussen Program Assistant Administrator 1581 221B
Lindsay McKenna NOAA Physical Scientist 3438 S220B
Linda Prescott Senior Program Support Assistant 3438 221A
Kevin Jerram Research Scientist I 1652 S122C
Josiah Kelsall IT Support 0622 S211
Jonathan Hunt Senior Engineer Technician 3438 146A
Jordan Chadwick Systems Manager 0590 S201
Tianhang Hou Research Scientist 0831 167
Jason Greenlaw Software Developer 3560 S220F
Giuseppe Masetti Postdoctoral Research Associate 0564 161
Glen Rice Hydrographer, IOCM 1397 S220H
Erin Nagel Scientific Data Analyst 0250 S122D
Emily Terry Research Vessel Captain 1015 214B
Elizabeth (Meme) Lobecker NOAA Physical Scientist 1475 S220I
Daniel Tauriello IT Support/Research Assistant 0622 S211
Derek Sowers NOAA Physical Scientist 0369 S220E
Colleen Mitchell Graphic Designer 3478 S120
Carlo Lanzoni Project Research Specialist II 1139 S114
Carl Kammerer Oceanographer 3285 S118
Briana Sullivan Research Scientist 0288 S103
Brian Madore GIS Analyst 1758 S122A
Ben Smith Captain of Research Vessel 1015 214A
Andy McLeod Research Project Manager 2406 213
Abby Pagan-Allis Program Administrator 3433 159