Upcoming Seminars

There are no upcoming Seminars at this point in time. Please check back soon!

Past Seminars

Tim Cole
Research Fisheries Biologist

Protected Species Branch
NOAA Northeast
Fisheries Science Center

Apr. 22, 2011
Larry Mayer and Garrett Mitchell
CCOM Director and M.S. Student


Apr. 15, 2011
John Brock

Coastal and Marine Geology Program
U.S. Geological Survey National Center
Reston, Virginia

Apr. 1, 2011
Sergej Olenin
Chair of the Institute Council and Lead Researcher

Coastal Research and Planning Institute
Klaipeda University, Lithuania

Mar. 28, 2011
Colin Ware
Director of the Data Visualization Research Lab


Mar. 25, 2011
Laura Brothers
National Energy Technology Laboratory/National Research Council Methane Hydrate Fellow

Woods Hole
USGS Coastal & Marine Science Center

Mar. 11, 2011
Brian Calder
Research Associate Professor


Mar. 7, 2011
Glen Rice

Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping Center

Mar. 4, 2011