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Mangerud, Jan, Astakov, Valery, Jakobsson, Martin, and Svendsen, John I., (2001), Huge Iceage Lakes in Russia, Journal of Quaternary Science, Volume 16, Number 9, p.773-777. Journal Article
Mangerud, Jan, Jakobsson, Martin, Alexanderson, H, Astakov, Valery, Clarke, G, Henriksen, M, Hjort, C, Krinner, G, Lunkka, J P., Moller, P, et al., (2004), Ice-dammed Lakes and Rerouting of the Drainage of Northern Eurasia during the Last Glaciation, Journal of Quaternary Science, Volume 23, p.1313-1332. Journal Article
Krinner, G, Mangerud, Jan, Jakobsson, Martin, Cruicifix, M, Ritz, C, Svendsen, John I., and Genthon, C, (2003), Impact of Ice-dammed Lakes on the Early Weichselian Climate of Northern Eurasia, XVI INQUA Congress, Reno, NV, USA, Jul 23 - Jul 30. Conference Proceeding
Jakobsson, Martin, Mangerud, Jan, Astakov, Valery, and Svendsen, John I., (2001), Volumes and Areas of Early Weichselian Ice Dammed Lakes in Northern Russia, EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union , San Francisco, CA, USA, Dec 10 - Dec 14. Conference Poster Jakobsson_2001_AGU_Volumes_areas_of_early_weichselian_ice_dammed_lakes.jpg (707.71 KB)