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Chapman, D, and Ware, Colin, (1992), Manipulating the Future: Predictor Based Feedback for Velocity Control in Virtual Environment Navigation, Computer Graphics, Volume 63, Number 66, p.63-66. Journal Article Chapman_1992_CG_Manipulating_the_Future.pdf (415.02 KB)
Gardner, James V., Hughes Clarke, J E., Mayer, Larry A., Kleiner, A, and Paton, Mark, (1999), Mapping a Continental Shelf and Slope in the 1990s: A Tale of Three Multibeams, Shallow Water Survey Conference (SWS), Sydney, Australia, Oct 20 - Oct 23. Conference Proceeding
Norton, Ashley R., Brown, M, Trembanis, A. C., and Borrelli, M., (2011), Mapping and quantifying morphological parameters of eelgrass (Zostera marina) beds in eastern Cape Cod Bay, MA using an interferometric sonar system, Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Meeting, Daytona Beach, FL, November 6-10. Conference Poster
Weber, Thomas C., Mayer, Larry A., Beaudoin, Jonathan, Jerram, Kevin, Malik, Mashkoor A., Shedd, B., and Rice, Glen A., (2012), Mapping Gas Seeps with the Deepwater Multibeam Echosounder on Okeanos Explorer, Oceanography, Volume 25. Journal Article
Mayer, Larry A., Armstrong, Andrew A, and Gardner, James V., (2009), Mapping in the Arctic Ocean in Support of a Potential Extended Continental Shelf, U.S. Hydrographic Conference (US HYDRO), Norfolk, VA, USA, May 11 - May 14. Conference Proceeding Mayer_09_USHYDRO_Mapping_in_Arctic_in_support_of_potential_ecs.pdf (1.06 MB)
Fonseca, Luciano, and Mayer, Larry A., (2005), Mapping Near-Surface Gas with Acoustic Remote Sensing Methods, Examples from Eel River Margin, CA and Skjalfandi Bay, Iceland, U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR), St. Louis, MO, USA. Conference Poster Fonseca_2005_Mapping_near-surface_gas.jpg (1.18 MB)
Gardner, James V., (2001), Mapping Southern Puget Sound Delta Fronts after the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake, EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union, Volume 82, Number 42, p.485-489. Journal Article Gardner-et-al-Puget-Sound-2001.pdf (487.42 KB)
Gardner, James V., Mayer, Larry A., and Armstrong, Andrew A, (2006), Mapping Supports Potential Submission to U.N. Law of the Sea, EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union, Volume 87, Number 16, p.157-159. Journal Article Gardner_06_Eos_Mapping_supports_potential_submission_to_un_lots.pdf (270.7 KB)
Gardner, James V., and Armstrong, Andrew A, (2011), The Mariana Trench: A New View Based on Multibeam Echosounding, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, United States, Dec 3 - Dec 7. Conference Poster
Alexander, Lee, (2003), Marine Information Objects (MIO) and ECDIS: Concept and Practice, Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies & Results (UAM), Heraklion, Crete, Greece, Jun 25 - Jun 29. Conference Proceeding Alexander_2003_Hydro_MIOs_and_ECDIS_Concept_Practice.pdf (22.15 KB)
Heap, Brian, (2006), . Poster Heap_2006_Mariner_perceptions_regarding_display_of_uncertainty_on_nautical_charts.jpg (837.58 KB)
Mayer, Larry A., (2001), . Poster Mayer_2001_Marthas_Vineyard_survey.jpg (394.84 KB)
Svendsen, John I., Astakov, Valery, Alexanderson, H, Demidov, I, Dowdeswell, J, Gataulin, V., Henriksen, M, Hjort, C, and Jakobsson, Martin, (2001), . Poster Svendsen_2001_EUG_The_max_extent_of_Saalian_Weichselian_glaciations.jpg (761.75 KB)
Schmidt, Val E., and Rzhanov, Yuri, (2012), Measurement of Micro-bathymetry with a GOPRO Underwater Stereo Camera Pair, IEEE Oceans, Hampton Roads, VA, Oct 14 - Oct 19. Conference Proceeding PID2487337.pdf (797.86 KB)
Rice, Glen A., and Riley, Jack, (2011), Measuring the Water Level Datum Relative to the Ellipsoid During Hydrographic Survey, U.S. Hydrographic Conference (US HYDRO), Tampa, FL, USA, 25-28 April. Conference Proceeding
Lanzoni, Carlo, and Weber, Thomas C., (2011), A Method for Field Calibration of a Multibeam Echo Sounder, Oceans MTS/IEEE 2011, Kona, HI, USA, 19-22 September. Conference Proceeding
House, Don H., and Ware, Colin, (2002), A Method for the Perceptual Optimization of Complex Visualizations, Advanced Visual Interface (AVI), St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, May 22 - May 24. Conference Proceeding House_2002_AVI_Method_for_perceptual_optimization_of_complex_visualizations.pdf (414.58 KB)
Rzhanov, Yuri, (2012), Methodology of Processing of Stereoimagery of Fish Underwater: Software and Algorithms, Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping / Joint Hydrographic Center, Durham, NH . Report
Rice, Glen A., Greenaway, Samuel F., Weber, Thomas C., and Beaudoin, Jonathan, (2012), Methods for Collecting and Using Backscatter Field Calibration Information for the Reson 7000 Series Multibeam, 2012 Canadian Hydrographic Conference, Niagara Falls, Canada, May 15 - May 17. Conference Proceeding Rice_CHC2012.pdf (239.36 KB)
Wigley, Rochelle, and Compton, John, (2012), Microstratigraphy of a Miocene layered phosphatic pebble from the western margin of South Africa, Sedimentology, Volume 59, p.(early view online version only). Journal Article
Weber, Thomas C., Schroth-Miller, Madeline L., Lutcavage, Molly E., Pe'eri, Shachak, and Rzhanov, Yuri, (2011), Mid-frequency backscatter from spatially organized fish schools, 162nd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, San Diego, CA, USA, 31 October - 4 November. Conference Abstract
Boettcher, Margaret S., (2009), . Poster Boettcher_2009_RTF_Mid-Ocean_ridge_transform_faults.jpg (1.12 MB)
Fonseca, Luciano, and Mayer, Larry A., (2000), . Poster Fonseca_2000_Modeling_high-frequency_seafloor_backscattering_of_grassy_sed.jpg (1.3 MB)
Trembanis, A. C., Cary, C., Schmidt, Val E., Clarke, D., Crees, T., and Jackson, E., (2012), Modular Autonomous Biosampler (MAB)- A prototype system for distinct biological size-class sampling and preservation, IEEE Oceans, Hampton Roads, VA, Oct 14 - Oct 19. Conference Proceeding
Butkiewicz, Thomas, (2012), A More Flexible Approach to Utilizing Depth Cameras for Hand & Touch Interaction, IEEE VR 2012, Workshop on Off-the-Shelf Virtual Reality, Orange County, CA, USA, March 4. Conference Proceeding
Trembanis, A. C., Beaudoin, Jonathan, Duval, C., Schmidt, Val E., and Mayer, Larry A., (2013), Morphodynamic Impacts of Hurricane Sandy on the Inner-shelf, 2013 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union (AGU), San Francisco, CA, 9-13 December. Conference Abstract
Clarke, S., Hubble, T, Airey, D, Yu, P, Boyd, R, Keene, J, Exon, N, and Gardner, James V., (2012), Morphologic characteristics and tsunamogenic potential of southeastern Australia’s upper continental slope submarine landslides., 6th International symposium on submarine mass movements and their consequences, Kiel, Germany, 2012. Conference Abstract
Bacon, C R., (2002), Morphology, volcanism, and mass wasting in Crater Lake, Oregon, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, Volume 114, p.675-692. Journal Article Bacon et al. 2002.pdf (2.32 MB)
Pe'eri, Shachak, and Rzhanov, Yuri, (2006), Mosaicing Tool for Aerial Imagery from a Lidar Bathymetry Survey, International Hydrographic Review, Volume 9, p.35-44. Journal Article
Bartram, L, Ware, Colin, and Calvert, T, (2003), Moticons: Detection, Distraction and Task, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 58, Number 5, p.515-545. Journal Article Bartram_03_Moticons-detection_distraction_and_task.pdf (1.47 MB)
Ware, Colin, and Bohannon, R G., (2004), Motion to Support Rapid Interactive Queries on Node-link Diagrams, ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP), Volume 1, p.1-15. Journal Article Ware_04_ACM_TAP_Motion_Support_Interactive_Queries.pdf (447.63 KB)
Bartram, L, Ware, Colin, and Calvert, T, (2001), Moving Icons, Detection and Distraction, Interact, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, Jul 9 - Jul 13. Conference Proceeding Bartram_2001_Interact_Moving_icons_detection_and_distraction.pdf (680.7 KB)
Beaudoin, Jonathan, (2013), Multibeam Advisory Committee -- Improving Data Quality Across the US Academic Fleet, FEMME-2013, Boston, MA, United States, April 16-18. Conference Abstract
Fonseca, Luciano, and Mayer, Larry A., (2007), Multibeam Echo Sounding as a Tool for FIsheries Habitat Studies, American Geophysical Union (AGU), Acapulco, Acapulco, Mexico, May 21 - May 25. Conference Proceeding Mayer_08_MHMT_Multibeam_echo_sounding.pdf (263.36 KB)
Beaudoin, Jonathan, Weber, Thomas C., Jerram, Kevin, Rice, Glen A., Malik, Mashkoor A., and Mayer, Larry A., (2013), Multibeam Echosounder System Optimization for Water Column Mapping of Undersea Gas Seeps, FEMME-2013, Boston, MA, United States, April 16-18. Conference Abstract
Armstrong, Andrew A, (2010), Multibeam mapping of the United States continental margin: Supporting the effort to delinieate the extended continental shelf under Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, International Hydrographic Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 2010. Conference Abstract
Wolfson-Schwehr, Monica L., (2005), Multibeam Observations of Mine Scour and Burial Near Clearwater, Florida, Including a Test of the VIMS 2D Burial Model, Master of Science, 256. Thesis Wolfson_2005_MS-Thesis_Multibeam_Observations_of_Mine_Scour_and_Burial.pdf (37.63 MB)
de Moustier, Christian, Kraft, Barbara J., and McGillicuddy, Glenn, (2008), Multibeam Sonar Calibration Techniques, Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Paris, Paris, France, Jun 30 - Jul 4. Conference Abstract De_Moustier_08_Sonar_Calibration.pdf (27.72 KB)
Fonseca, Luciano, Miranda, F P., and Beisl, C, (2002), Multi-scale Visualization of Remote Sensing and Topographic Data of the Amazon Rain Forest, EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union , San Francisco, CA, USA, Dec 6 - Dec 10. Conference Poster Fonseca_2002_Multi-scale_visualization_of_remote_sensing_Amazon_rain_forest.jpg (1.35 MB)
Butkiewicz, Thomas, (2011), Multi-touch 3D Exploratory Analysis of Ocean Flow Models, Proceedings of OCEANS 2011 MTS/IEEE Kona, Kona, HI, USA, September 19-22. Conference Proceeding
Nash, H. L., Kelly, FJ., Spain, K. J., and Gardner, James V., (Submitted), Multivariate analyses of selected northwestern Gulf of Mexico outer shelf banks, Continental Shelf Research. Journal Article