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Elston, Gareth R., and Gardner, James V., (2002), . Poster Elston_2002_AGU_Lake_tahoe_bottom_chars_from_shoals_lidar.jpg (766 KB)
Pe'eri, Shachak, Madore, Brian, Alexander, Lee, Parrish, Christopher E., Armstrong, Andrew A, and Azuike, Chukwuma, (2013), LANDSAT 7 Satellite-Derived Bathymetry, The IHO-IOC GEBCO Cook Book, Edition 2.25.13, International Hydrographic Office (IHO)/ International Ocean Commision (IOC), Monaco, Monaco Cedex, Monaco. Book Section
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Malik, Mashkoor A., Lobecker, Elizabeth(Meme), and Skarke, Adam, (2013), Lessons learned during exploration mapping of US East Coast 2011 – 2012 onboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer using water column backscatter data, Kongsberg FEMME 2013, April 15-19. Conference Abstract
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Sullivan, Briana M., (2004), Linking Audio and Visual Information while Navigating in a Virtual Reality Kiosk Display, Master of Science, 85. Thesis Sullivan_2004_MS-Thesis_Linking_Audio_and_Visual_Info_While_Navigating_Virtual_Reality_Kiosk.pdf (2.48 MB)
Sullivan, Briana M., Ware, Colin, and Plumlee, Matt D., (2006), Linking Audio And Visual Information While Navigating In A Virtual Reality Kiosk Display, Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, Volume 15, Number 2, p.217-241. Journal Article Sullivan_05_JEMH_Linking_audio_visual_info_while_navigating_virtual_reality_kiosk_display.pdf (435.43 KB)
Plumlee, Matt D., (2004), Linking Focus and Context in 3D Multiscale Environments, Doctor of Philosophy, 195. Thesis Plumlee_2004_PHD-Thesis_Linking_Focus_and_Context_in_3D_Multiscale_Environments.pdf (14.62 MB)
Bachmann, Charles M., Gray, Deric, Abelev, Andrei, Philpot, William D., Montes, Marcos J., Fusina, Robert A., Musser, Joseph, Li, Rong-Rong, Vermillion, Michael, Smith, Geoffrey, et al., (2012), Linking goniometer measurements to hyperspectral and multi-sensor imagery for retrieval of beach properties and coastal characterization, Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XVIII, Baltimore, MD, April 23 - 27. Conference Proceeding
Sullivan, Briana M., Ware, Colin, and Plumlee, Matt D., (2007), Linking Images and Sound in a 3D Museum Exhibit Demonstration, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications (ED-MEDIA), St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, Jun 25 - Jun 29. Conference Poster Sullivan_EDMEDIA_2007_Linking_images_and_sound_3D_museum_exhibit.jpg (403.79 KB)
Grizzle, Raymond E., (Submitted), Long-term seafloor monitoring at an open ocean aquaculture site in the western Gulf of Maine, USA: development of an adaptive protocol, Marine Pollution Bulleten. Journal Article
Valdes, L., Fonseca, Luciano, and Tedesco, K, (2010), Looking into the Future of Ocean Sciences: an IOC Perspective, Oceanography Magazine, Volume 23, Number 3, p.160-175. Journal Article Valdes_2010_OM_Looking_into_the_future_of_Ocean_Sciences.pdf (501.58 KB)
Fulton, P. M., Brodsky, Emily E., Kano, Y., Mori, J., Chester, Frederick M., Ishikawa, T., Harris, R. N., Lin, W., Eguchi, Nobuhisa, Toczko, S., et al., (2013), Low Coseismic Friction on the Tohoku-Oki Fault Determined from Temperature Measurements, Science, Volume 342, Number 6163, p.1214–1217. Journal Abstract
Ujiie, Kohtaro, Tanaka, Hanae, Saito, Tsubasa, Tsutsumi, Akito, Mori, James J., Kameda, Jun, Brodsky, Emily E., Chester, Frederick M., Eguchi, Nobuhisa, Toczko, Sean, et al., (2013), Low Coseismic Shear Stress on the Tohoku-Oki Megathrust Determined from Laboratory Experiments, Science, Volume 342. Journal Article
Masetti, Giuseppe, and Orsini, F., (2009), L’Unione Europea contro la pirateria marittima nel Golfo di Aden, Informazioni della Difesa, p.10-15. Journal Article Masetti_2009_LUnione_Europea_contro_la_pirateria_770Aden.pdf (570.55 KB)