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Masetti, G., & Orsini, F.. (2011). I relitti delle navi da guerra: status e tutela giuridica. Informazioni delle Difesa. Rome, Italy: Ministero Della Difesa.
PDF icon InfoDifesa_5_2011_24_31.pdf (333.8 KB)
Alexander, L. (2011). IALA’s Vision of e-Navigation. 2011 Canadian Maritime Pilots Association Congress. presented at the 5-8 July, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
PDF icon Malik_2005_MS-Thesis_Identification_of_Bottom_Fishing_Impacted_Areas_Using_Multibeam_Sonar_and_Videography.pdf (8.56 MB)
Ward, R. W., Alexander, L., Greenslade, B., & Pharaoh, A.. (2008). IHO S-100: The New Hydrographic Geospatial Standard for Marine Data and Information. Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC). presented at the May 5 - May 8, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
PDF icon Alexander_2008_CHC_IHO_S-100.pdf (1.29 MB)
Dijkstra, S. J., & Armstrong, A. A.. (2011). IHO/FIG/ICA Category A Course Program Submission (pp. p. 1 - 354.). presented at the 4 April, Durham, NH, USA: Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping/ Joint Hydrographic Center.
PDF icon Rzhanov_et_al_2014-Final.pdf (218.39 KB)
Karlsson, T., Pe'eri, S., & Axelsson, A.. (2012). The Impact of Sea State Condition on Airborne Lidar Bathymetry Measurements. SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing (Laser Radar Technology and Applications XVII). presented at the Apr 23 - Apr 26, Baltimore, MD. Retrieved from
Arsenault, R., & Ware, C.. (2004). The Importance of Stereo, Eye Coupled Perspective and Touch for Eye Hand Coordination. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments. Cambridge, MA, USA: MIT Press.
PDF icon Arsenault_2004_Presence_Importance_Stereo_Eye_Coupled_Perspective.pdf (362.69 KB)
Wilson, M., Miller, J. J., Self Miller, V., Mortimer, K., & Wyllie, K.. (2011). Improved Raster Navigation Products From High Resolution Source Data. U.S. Hydrographic Conference (US HYDRO). presented at the Apr 25 - Apr 28, Tampa, FL, USA.
PDF icon Wilson_2011_USHYDRO_port_of_norfolk_project.pdf (7.43 MB)
Jakobsson, M., & Cherkis, N.. (2001). Improvement to the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO): Updating the Data Base and the Grid Model. EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union . presented at the Dec 10 - Dec 14, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Image icon Jacobsson_2001_AGU_Improvement_to_IBCAO.jpg (1 MB)
Johnson, P., Beaudoin, J., & Ferrini, V. L.. (2012). Improving Multibeam Data Quality Across the U.S. Academic Research Fleet. 2012 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union (AGU). presented at the Dec. 3-7.2012, San Francisco, CA, USA.
Ware, C., Kelley, J. G., & Pilar, D. H. F.. (2014). Improving the Display of Wind Patterns and Ocean Currents. Bulletin of the American Meterorological Society. Boston, MA: American Meteorological Society.
Kraft, B. J., Mayer, L. A., Simpkin, P. G., Goff, J. A., Schwab, B., & Jenkins, C.. (2002). In Situ Measurement of Geoacoustic Properties: An Example From the ONR Mine Burial Program, Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory. 2002 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union. presented at the December 6-10, San Francisco, CA: American Geophysical Union . Retrieved from
Image icon Kraft_2002_AGU_In-Situ_measurment_geozcoustic_sediment_properties.jpg (1.02 MB)
Pe'eri, S., & Philpot, W. D.. (2006). Increasing the Existence of Very Shallow-water LIDAR Measurements Using the Red-channel Waveforms. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. Washington DC, Washington DC, USA: IEEE.
Chase, A., Dijkstra, J. A., & Harris, L.. (2014). The influence of substrate identity on ascidian larval settlement preference and fouling community development. International Invasive Sea-Squirt Conference. presented at the 29-31 October, Woods Hole, MA.
PDF icon Chase et al. 2016.pdf (1.14 MB)
Ware, C. (2012). Information Visualization: Perception for Design. Edition III (3rdrd ed., p. 512). Boston, MA, United States: Morgan Kaufman.
Alm, G., Macnab, R., Jakobsson, M., Kleman, J., & McCracken, M.. (2002). An Integrated Bathymetric and Topographic Digital Terrain Model of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. 2002 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union. presented at the December 6-10, San Francisco, CA: American Geophysical Union . Retrieved from
Image icon Alm_2002_AGU_An_integrated_bathymetric_topo_model_of_candaian_arctic_archipelago.jpg (1.14 MB)
Pradith, V., Pe'eri, S., Maddock, D., Oroshnik, D., Riley, J., & Murray, B.. (2015). Integrating Industrial Laser Scanners for Small Vessel Operations. US Hydrographic Conference 2015. presented at the Mar 16 - Mar 19.
Pe'eri, S., Kidd, J., Pradith, V., Jablonski, H., & Davidson, M.. (2015). Integrating Industrial Multichannel Laser Scanners for Small Vessel Operation. 16th Annual JALBTCX Airborne Coastal Mapping and Charting Workshop. presented at the June 16-18, Corvallis, OR, USA.
Borba, C. (2015). Integration of Tide/Water Level Information into ECDIS for Guanabara Bay. Master of Science. presented at the 08/2015, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.
Butkiewicz, T., & Englert, C.. (2013). Interactive 4D Visualization of Sediment Transport Models. 2013 Fall Meeting, American Geological Union (AGU). presented at the Dec 9-13, San Francisco, CA: American Geophysical Union .
Butkiewicz, T. (2012). Interactive Visual Analysis within Dynamic Ocean Models. 2012 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union (AGU). presented at the 12/2012.
PDF icon Jakobsson-et-al-2012-GRL.pdf (778.6 KB)
Dijkstra, J. A., & Simkanin, C.. (2016). Intraspecific Response of Colonial Ascidians to Variable Salinity Stress in an Era of Global Change. Marine Ecology Progress Series. presented at the June 9, Oldendorf/Luhe, Germany : Inter-Research. doi:10.3354/meps11719
PDF icon DijkstraSimkanin2016.pdf (745.07 KB)
Dijkstra, J. A., Mello, K., Litterer, A., Wells, C., Harris, L. G., & Ware, C.. (2015). Introduced species increase complexity and biodiversity of rocky subtidal seascapes. Benthic Ecology Meetings. presented at the March 4-8, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
PDF icon Dijkstra et al. 2013_apparentcompetition.pdf (467.2 KB)
PDF icon Dijkstra et al_JEC_2017.pdf (871.82 KB)