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The Nave Surface and BAG's
Schwehr, Kurt, Armstrong, Andrew A, Brennan, Rick T., Fischman, David, Sellars, Jon, and Smith, Shep M., (2010), Bathymetric Attributed Grids (BAGs): Discovery of Marine Datasets and Geospatial Metadata Visualization, Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC), Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Jun 21 - Jun 23. Conference Proceeding
Thesis; Field Calibration; Multibeam echo sounder; Split beam sonar system
Lanzoni, Carlo, (2011), Field Calibration Methodology for a Multibeam Echo Sounder Using a Split Beam Sonar System and a Standard Target, Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, 156. Thesis
Thesis; Tides; Great Bay
Denney, Sean, (2012), A Tidal Study of Great Bay, New Hampshire, Master of Science in Ocean Engineering with an Ocean Mapping Option, 282. Thesis
Thesis; Viisualization; Flow fields
Pilar, David H. F., (2012), Visualizing Magnitude and Direction in Flow Fields, Master of Science in Computer Science, 56. Thesis
tidal currents
Lippmann, Thomas C., (In Press), Observations of the Vertical Structure of Tidal Currents in Two Inlets, Journal of Coastal Research, Volume 65, p.1-6. Journal Article ICS2013_lippmann_revised2.pdf (4.17 MB)
topographic-bathymetric lidar
Imahori, Gretchen, Ferguson, Jeff, Wozumi, Toshi, Scharff, Dave, Pe'eri, Shachak, Parrish, Christopher E., White, Stephen A., Jeong, Inseong, Sellars, Jon, and Aslaksen, M, (2013), A procedure for developing an acceptance test for airborne bathymetric lidar data application to NOAA charts in shallow waters, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Ocean Survey (NOS), NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS CS 32, Silver Spring, MD , p.53 . Report