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Conference Abstract
Parrish CE, Sellars J, White SA, Bachmann CM, Montes MJ, Fusina RA. Shoreline Mapping with Lidar and HSI-Derived Bathymetry. GeoTech. Silver Springs, MD, USA; 2008.
Parrish CE, White SA, Pe'eri S, Calder BR, Rzhanov Y. Modeling uncertainty in the lidar-derived NOAA shoreline. Joint Airborne LIDAR Bathymetry Technical Center of Expertise Coastal Mapping and Charting Workshop (JALBTCX). Mobil, AL, USA; 2010.
Parrish CE, White SA, Calder BR, Pe'eri S. Stochastic Uncertainty Analysis for Lidar-Derived Shoreline and Comparison with New Experimental Results. Ocean Sciences Meeting. Portland, OR, USA; 2010.
Parrish CE, White SA, Aslaksen M, Pfennigbauer M, Rieger P. Topographic-Bathymetric LIDAR Evaluation for Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping [Internet]. European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF). Salzburg, Austria; 2012.
Parrish CE, Eren F, Jung J, Imahori G, White SA. Total Propagated Uncertainty Analysis for Topobathymetric Lidar [Internet]. 18th Annual JALBTCX Airborne Coastal Mapping and Charting Workshop. Savannah, GA; 2017. p. Savannah, GA.
Conference Proceedings
Fusina RA, Fry JC, Nichols CR, Bachmann CM, Li R, Sellars J, et al.. Geodatabase Development to Support Hyperspectral Imagery Exploitation. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS). Honolulu, HI, USA; 2010.
Parrish CE, White SA, Aslaksen M. New Developments in Lidar Shoreline Mapping and Full-Waveform Lidar at NOAA. European Lidar Mapping Forum (ELMF). The Hague, South Holland, The Netherlands; 2010.
Imahori G, Pe'eri S, Parrish CE, Wozumi T, White SA, Jeong I, et al.. Developing an acceptance test for non-hydrographic airborne bathymetric lidar data application to NOAA charts in shallow waters. US Hydrographic Conference 2013. New Orleans, LA, USA: THSOA; 2013.
Parrish CE, Sault M, White SA, Sellars J. Empirical Analysis of Aerial Camera Filters for Shoreline Mapping. American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). Baltimore, MD, USA; 2005. PDF icon Parrish_2005_Emperical_Anallysis_Of_Aerial_Camera_Filters.pdf (927.62 KB)
Parrish CE, White SA, Calder BR, Pe'eri S, Rzhanov Y. New Approaches for Evaluating Lidar-Derived Shoreline. Imaging and Applied Optics Congress. Tucson, AZ, USA; 2010. PDF icon Parrish_2010_OSA_New_Approaches_for_Evaluating_Lidar-Derived_Shoreline.pdf (225.23 KB)
Sault M, Parrish CE, White SA, Sellars J, Woolard J. A Sensor Fusion Approach to Coastal Mapping. Coastal Zone Conference. New Orleans, LA, USA; 2005. PDF icon Parrish_2005_A_Sensor_Fusion_Approach.pdf (652.42 KB)
Journal Article
White SA, Parrish CE, Calder BR, Pe'eri S, Rzhanov Y. Lidar-Derived National Shoreline: Empirical and Stochastic Uncertainty Analyses. Journal of Coastal Research. West Palm Beach, FL, USA: Coastal Education & Research Foundation, Inc. [CERF]; 2011. p. 62-74.
Bachmann CM, Montes MJ, Parrish CE, Fusina RA, Nichols RC, Li R-R, et al.. A dual-spectrometer approach to reflectance measurements under sub-optimal sky conditions [Internet]. Optics Express. The Optical Society (OSA); 2012.
Imahori G, Ferguson J, Wozumi T, Scharff D, Pe'eri S, Parrish CE, et al.. A procedure for developing an acceptance test for airborne bathymetric lidar data application to NOAA charts in shallow waters. Silver Spring, MD: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Ocean Survey (NOS); 2013 p. 53.