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Weber TC, Beaudoin J, Shedd B, Malik MA, Jerram K, Rice GA, et al.. Detecting and mapping gas seeps with a deepwater multibeam echosounder. Subsea and Arctic Leak Detection Symposium. Houston, TX, USA; 2011.
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Grizzle RE, Ward LG, Mayer LA, Malik MA, Cooper AB, Abeels HA, et al.. Effects of a Large Fishing Closure on Benthic Communitites in the Western Gulf of Maine: Recovery from the Effects of Gillnets and Otter Trawls. Fisheries Bulletin. National Marine Fisheries Service Scientific Publications Office; 2009. p. 308-317.
Grizzle RE, Malik MA, Ward LG. High-resolution Seafloor Mapping and an Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area (WGOMCA). Workshop on Integrating Seafloor Mapping and an Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Western Gulf of Maine. Portland, ME, USA; 2009.
Malik MA, Weirich J, Russel C, Stuart E, Peters C, Mayer LA, et al.. Okeanos Explorer - Aligning Today's Technology to a New Paradigm of Ocean Exploration. FEMME - Kongsberg (users conference). Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal; 2009.
Gardner JV, Malik MA, Walker S. Plume 1400 Meters High Discovered at the Seafloor off the Northern California Margin. EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union. Washington DC, Washington DC, USA: American Geophysical Union ; 2009. p. 275-275. PDF icon Gardner_2009_EOS_plume_discovered.pdf (140.14 KB)
Gardner JV, Malik MA. U.S. Law of the Sea Cruise to Map the Eastern Mendocino Ridge, Eastern Pacific Ocean. Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire; 2009 p. 34. PDF icon Gardner_09_cruise_report_EX0903_Mendocino.pdf (2.19 MB)
Malik MA, Mayer LA. Investigation of Seabed Fishing Impacts on Benthic Structure using Multi-beam Sonar, Sidescan Sonar, and Video. ICES Journal of Marine Science. New York, NY, USA: Elsevier; 2007. p. 1053-1065.
Malik MA, Mayer LA. Assessing Bottom Gear Impact in the WGOM Closure Area: A Multifaceted Approach. Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area Symposium. Durham, NH, USA; 2007.
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Calder BR, Malik MA. Field Verification of MBES Error Models. 4thth ed. International Conference on High-Resolution Survey in Shallow Water (HRSSW). Plymouth, Devon, UK; 2005. p. 0-0.
Malik MA. Identification of Bottom Fishing Impacted Areas Using Multibeam Sonar and Videography. Master of Science. 2005. p. 138. PDF icon Malik_2005_MS-Thesis_Identification_of_Bottom_Fishing_Impacted_Areas_Using_Multibeam_Sonar_and_Videography.pdf (8.56 MB)
Mayer LA, Gardner JV, Armstrong AA, Calder BR, Malik MA, Angwenyi C, et al.. New Views of the Gulf of Alaska Margin Mapped for UNCLOS Applications. Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM)/Joint Hydrographic Center (JHC): University of New Hampshire (UNH); 2005 p. 2. PDF icon Mayer_05_Gulf_of_Alaska_Margin_Mapped_for_UNCLOS_applications.pdf (65.49 KB)
Huff LC, Rzhanov Y, Glang G, Raymond R, Malik MA. Maintaining Intra-line Details in a Multi-line DEM. Shallow Water Survey Conference (SWS). St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada; 2003. p. 0-0.