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Kidd, J. (2017). Performance Evaluation of the Velodyne VLP-16 System for Surface Feature Surveying. Master of Science. presented at the 05/2017, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.
Auclert, G., Wittrock, A., Pe'eri, S., Kampia, A., Harmon, C., & Nyberg, J.. (2017). Plan to Rescheme NOAA ENC Coverage. U.S. Hydro Conference 2017. presented at the March 20 - 23, Galveston, TX: The Hydrographic Society of America.
Kidd, J., Pe'eri, S., Eren, F., & Armstrong, A. A.. (2016). Performance Evaluation of the Velodyne VLP-16 System for Feature-Surface Surveying. 2016 Canadian Hydrographic Conference. presented at the May 16 - 19, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Canadian Hydrographic Association.
Mix, A. C., Jakobsson, M., Andrews, J. T., Jennings, A., Mayer, L. A., Anderson, S. T., et al.. (2016). The Petermann Glacier Experiment, NW Greenland. 2016 Fall Meeting, American Geological Society (AGU). presented at the December 12-16. Retrieved from
Miksis-Olds, J., Van Opzeeland, I. C., Van Parijs, S., & Jones, J.. (2016). Pinniped Sounds in the Polar Oceans. In W. W. Au & Lammers, M. O., Listening in the Ocean: New Discoveries and Insights on Marine Life From Autonomous Passive Acoustic Monitors (PAM) (pp. 257-308). Springer-Verlag. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-3176-7_11
PDF icon Parrish_et_al_JCR_2016_si76-017.pdf (4.98 MB)
Reed, S. (2016). Providing Nautical Chart Awareness to Autonomous Surface Vessel Operations. (V. Schmidt)OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey. presented at the September 19-23, Monterey, CA: IEEE. doi:10.1109/OCEANS.2016.7761472
PDF icon Reed_Oceans2016_FINAL.pdf (1.12 MB)
Rzhanov, Y., Pe'eri, S., & Shashkov, A.. (2015). Probabilistic Reconstruction of Color for Species' Classification Underwater. IEEE/MTS Oceans '15. presented at the May 18-21, Genova, Italy.
PDF icon PID3655693.pdf (392.19 KB)
Rzhanov, Y., Pe'eri, S., & Shashkov, A.. (2015). Probabilistic Reconstruction of Color for Species' Classification Underwater. IEEE/MTS Oceans '15. presented at the May 18 - May 21, Genova, Italy. Retrieved from
PDF icon Oceans15-UNH-CCOM-Abstract.pdf (303.97 KB)
Dijkstra, J. A., & Simkanin, C.. (2014). Phenotypic and reproductive trade-offs of colonial invertebrates to salinity. International Invasive Sea-Squirt Conference. presented at the 29-31 October, Woods Hole, MA.
Whitcomb, L. L., Jakuba, M., German, C. R., Bowen, A., Yoerger, D., Kinsey, J., et al.. (2014). Preliminary Polar Sea Trials of Nereid-UI: A Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle for Oceanographic Access Under Ice. 2014 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union (AGU). presented at the Dec 15 - 19, San Francisco, CA.
Calder, B. R. (2013). Parallel and Distributed Performance of a Depth Estimation Algorithm. U.S. Hydrographic Conference (US HYDRO). presented at the March 25-27, New Orleans, LA, USA: The Hydrographic Society of America.
PDF icon Calder_ParallelDistributedPerformance.pdf (1.87 MB)
McKenna, L. (2013). Patterns of Bedform Migration and Mean Tidal Currents in Hampton Harbor Inlet, New Hampshire, USA. Master of Science. presented at the 05/2013, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.
PDF icon McKENNA_THESIS.pdf (19.89 MB)
Yao, F., Parrish, C. E., Calder, B. R., Pe'eri, S., & Rzhanov, Y.. (2013). Photogrammetry-Derived National Shoreline: Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses. 2013 Fall Meeting, American Geological Union (AGU). presented at the Dec 9-13, 2013, San Francisco, CA.
Imahori, G., Ferguson, J., Wozumi, T., Scharff, D., Pe'eri, S., Parrish, C. E., et al.. (2013). A procedure for developing an acceptance test for airborne bathymetric lidar data application to NOAA charts in shallow waters (p. 53). presented at the June 2013, Silver Spring, MD: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Ocean Survey (NOS).
Alexander, L., & Casey, M. J.. (2012). Portable Piloting Unit (PPU) Replacement Study: Phase 2 (p. 14). presented at the May 5, Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Laurentian Pilotage Authority.
Alexander, L., & Fukuto, J.. (2012). Portraying e-Navigation Information: Challenges and Opportunities. e-Navigation Underway 2012. presented at the Jan 18 - Jan 20, Copenhagen, Denmark. Retrieved from
Masetti, G., Calder, B. R., & Alexander, L.. (2012). Potentially Polluting Marine Sites GeoDB: An S-100 Geospatial Database as an Effective Contribution to the Protection of the Marine Environment. International Hydrographic Review. presented at the November 2012, Monaco, Monaco Cedex, Monaco: International Hydrographic Bureau. Retrieved from
PDF icon PPMS_GeoDB_IHR_2012.pdf (1.41 MB)
Gardner, J. V., Malik, M. A., & Walker, S.. (2009). Plume 1400 Meters High Discovered at the Seafloor off the Northern California Margin. EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union. Washington DC, Washington DC, USA: American Geophysical Union .
PDF icon Gardner_2009_EOS_plume_discovered.pdf (140.14 KB)
Alexander, L., & McLean, C.. (2008). Production of Marine Information Overlays (MIOs) for Marine Environmental Protectoin. Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms. presented at the Apr 29 - May 2, Sitka, AK, USA.
Office presentation icon Alexander_2008_GEOHAB_MIOs.ppt (4.04 MB)
Mitchell, P. (2007). The Perceptual Optimization of 2D Flow Visualizations Using Human-in-the-loop Local Hill Climbing. Master of Science. presented at the 12/2007, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.
PDF icon mitchell-peter-thesis.pdf (3.2 MB)