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PDF icon Cutter_2005_MS-Thesis_Seafloor_Habitat_Characterization_Classification_and_Maps.pdf (36.59 MB)
Cutter Jr., R. G., Mayer, L. A., & Rzhanov, Y.. (2001). Subtidal Benthic Habitat Mapping Method Development Using Portsmouth Shallow Survey Data. International Conference on High-Resolution Survey in Shallow Water (HRSSW). presented at the Sep 24 - Sep 24, Portsmouth, NH, USA.
Cutter Jr., R. G., Mayer, L. A., & Rzhanov, Y.. (2001). Seafloor Habitat Mapping: Considering Techniques for Expansion of Spatial Scales. Workshop on Deep-Seabed Survey Technologies. presented at the Jan 31 - Feb 2, Bergen, Bergen, Norway.
Cutter Jr., R. G. (2004). Descriptions of seafloor roughness from sediment profile images. Sediment Profile Imagery Colloquium of Experts (SPICE). presented at the Apr 5 - Apr 7, Galway, Galway, Ireland.
Cutter Jr., R. G. (2004). Benthic Habitat Characterization of the Lower Piscataqua River Estuary. Capacity Development Workshop on Acoustic Techniques in Seabed Assessment (ATSA). St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada.
Cutter Jr., R. G. (2005). Benthic Habitat Classification and Characterization Using Multibeam Sonar Data: The Provisional Truth of Ground-truth. International Conference for Underwater Acoustic Measurements (ICUAM). presented at the Jun 28 - Jul 1, Heraklion, Crete, Greece.
Image icon Cutter_2002_BD_Automated_texture-based_seg_of_multibeam_sonar_for_benthic_habitat_mapping.jpg (825.58 KB)
Image icon Cutter_2002_Ground-truthing_of_Habitat_using_video_mosaic_images.jpg (509.34 KB)