Meme Lobecker—NOAA Team Member of the Month

Wall display at NOAA Headquarters in Silver Spring.

Benjamin Friedman, Deputy Under Secretary for Operations, NOAA, made the announcement on November 1, saying,

"The people who work for NOAA bring great strength and commitment to their work, which makes all the difference in helping to ensure mission excellence and service to the Nation. On behalf of Dr. Sullivan and the entire NOAA leadership team, thank you for the work you all do every day to execute NOAA’s mission."

Elizabeth (Meme) Lobecker is a Lead Hydrographer within OAR’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. Over the past 7 years, she has led 27 ocean exploration mapping expeditions aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, mapping more than 450,000 square kilometers of unexplored ocean — including several US Pacific marine national monuments and protected areas. Meme helped lead the first broad-scale application of multi-beam sonar water column mapping, which revealed a new deep water methane seep province with over 500 seeps and unique carbon rich ecosystems along the U.S. East Coast — critical information to NOAA scientists and managers.

On shore, Meme is leading a virtual “at sea” expedition with University of New Hampshire to test an innovative telepresence-enabled mapping model that will increase the rate of data collection by pairing real-time links to onboard mapping systems with a more nimble geographically distributed shore-based mapping team, generating data more quickly. Her leadership, creativity, and support for advancing NOAA’s mission exemplify the best of NOAA's team members and the important ways each of us helps ensure NOAA's mission excellence and service to the Nation.