Liam Pillsbury Goes Aboard the Nautilus to Study Seeps in the Gulf

Graduate student Liam Pillsbury just returned from a cruise aboard the E/V Nautilus where he served as a navigator on the research team. His cruise was part of the Gulf Integrated Spill Response or GISR (pronounced "geyser") Consortium, funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative and took place in the Gulf of Mexico at a couple different sites. Each site has had a high flux methane seep to study using acoustic transducers including a Kongsberg M3. Gas and water samples were collected at the base of the seeps and at many heights along the seep in the water column to determine the concentration of the gas bubbles and the surrounding seawater. High-speed cameras were also used to determine whether a hydrate coating was present. Liam said it was a great experience!

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The E/V Nautilus docked at Gulfport, Mississippi.
The ROV Hercules being launched by the deck crane on the E/V Nautilus.
View of the back deck. Includes Argus and her A-frame setup and Hercules and his crane along with a couple of his pilots/mechanics. Chris Roman, expedition leader, is shown bottom left.