Larry Mayer Honored with Sam Masry Award

Congratulations to Larry Mayer who was presented with the CHC Sam Masry Award at the 2022 Canadian Hydrographic Conference. The award was established in honor of Sam Masry, founder of CARIS and a pioneering leader in his field. It recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the hydrography profession and will be presented at each Canadian Hydrographic Conference.  Larry is the second person to receive the honor after Mr. Masry himself was given the award posthumously in 2020.

About Sam Masry

Salem (Sam) Masry (1938-2020) immigrated to Canada from Egypt in 1966 after completing his Ph.D. at University College, London. He began his career at the University of New Brunswick where he became a professor and a founding member of the department of Surveying Engineering. Dr. Masry was a pioneer in the field of digital mapping and, in 1979, founded CARIS to develop digital mapping software and saw it grow to be one of the leading companies in its field internationally. 

Sam received many awards in recognition of his work and his contributions to his community, including the Talbert Adams Grand Award by the American Society of Photogrammetry, appointments to the Order of Canada and the Order of New Brunswick, and an honorary Doctor of Science from UNB. Sam was an ethical and dedicated leader and entrepreneur with international influence, and a major champion for the importance of well-managed hydrographic and other digital data for the benefit of all.