Jim Gardner and Andy Armstrong Survey the Mariana Trench

Bathymetry image showing Mariana Trench - Guyots Carried into the TrencLittle did Dr. Jim Gardner know that when he presented a poster at the 2011 AGU Fall Meeting, it would spark international interest. Dr. Gardner and Capt. Andy Armstrong's survey efforts were part of the Center's mission to map the ocean floor in support of the U.S.'s Law of the Sea claim but the survey is also timely as four teams are now in a race to send manned submersibles into the trench to explore its depths.

See the results of CCOM/JHC's Mariana Trench survey here>>

View Dr. Gardner and Capt. Armstrong's poster (150MB) here>>

The BBC, in particular, has used the Center's Mariana research in their coverage, including:

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