All extensions are relative to +1.603.862.xxxx.

Name Title Ext. Email Office
Lee Alexander Research Affiliate Professor 1745 leealex@ccom.unh.edu 217
Andy Armstrong Co-Director, JHC 4559 andy.armstrong@noaa.gov 157
Jonathan Beaudoin Affiliate Assistant Professor 3438 jbeaudoin@ccom.unh.edu
Margaret Boettcher Affiliate Assistant Professor 0580 margaret@ccom.unh.edu 234 James
Thomas Butkiewicz Research Assistant Professor 3289 tbutkiewicz@ccom.unh.edu S116
Brian Calder Research Associate Professor 0526 brc@ccom.unh.edu 223
Jenn Dijkstra Affiliate Assistant Professor 1775 jdijkstra@ccom.unh.edu 163
Semme Dijkstra Lecturer 0525 semmed@ccom.unh.edu 227
James Gardner Research Professor 3473 jim@ccom.unh.edu 153
James Irish Research Professor 1916 jirish@ccom.unh.edu 121B
John Kelley Affiliate Assistant Professor 1628 john.kelley@noaa.gov 219
Thomas Lippmann Associate Professor 4450 lippmann@ccom.unh.edu 165
Larry Mayer CCOM Director and JHC Co-Director 2615 larry@ccom.unh.edu 155
Dave Monahan GEBCO Project Director 3755 monahand@ccom.unh.edu 160
Christopher Parrish Affiliate Professor cparrish@ccom.unh.edu
Shachak Pe'eri Research Associate Professor 1892 shachak@ccom.unh.edu 231
Yuri Rzhanov Research Professor 0075 yuri.rzhanov@unh.edu 233
Kurt Schwehr Affiliate Associate Professor schwehr@ccom.unh.edu
Larry Ward Research Associate Professor 2337 lgward@ccom.unh.edu 149
Colin Ware Director, Data Visualization Research Lab 1138 cware@ccom.unh.edu S112
Thomas Weber Assistant Professor 1659 weber@ccom.unh.edu 229